Thursday, February 7, 2013

Critter City!

Our classroom has been invaded with critters this week!  We are just starting a Science unit about animal life cycles, so of course we needed to have some animals to observe.  We have 5 painted lady butterfly larvae that are growing rapidly inside their little container.  They eat their food source at the bottom of the cup for a few weeks before they make a chrysalis and turn into butterflies.  The students will be observing them daily and drawing and writing about what they see.  Here are our 5 new caterpillar friends:

We have also welcomed 44 meal worms into our classroom.  Each student is responsible for 4 worms.  Over the next few weeks they will be watching and taking notes as they go through the remaining 3 stages of their life cycle.  Some of the activities the students will do is to measure their worms, draw their life cycles, and see what happens when they blow on them.  They are getting used to the idea that they actually have to touch them! Here are our meal worms:

We will keep our readers updated on how our critters change, so stay tuned!

Mrs. Schlickbernd

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