Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Today we went to music.  We worked on our song for the Christmas concert.  We are working on Stephanie's Star Student letter in writing.  In math we are making patterns on a hundred's chart by skip counting by twos.  In science we learned about how light reflects off of a mirror.  We did an experiment with a flashlight and a mirror.  I'm proud of our class and that we're learning our Christmas concert songs!


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Second Day of the Pencil Challenge

Today we learned a new game in PE.  We watched Popcorn Park in Guidance.  Today, I think no one lost or broke their pencil.  I am proud of Math Group 2.  We finished our function machines today. Austin and I made a soccer field as our function machine.  Halloween is next week.


Note from Mrs. Schlickbernd: Our class has had some difficulty keeping track of pencils.  The second graders tend to leave them all over the room and then don't have one ready when they need one.  So, yesterday, I gave each student a brand new sharpened pencil with their number on it and I have challenged them to see who can use one pencil the longest!  Our first check-in is on Friday.  So far everyone has been super careful with their pencils!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Awesome Day

We made what we would look like when we are grand parents.  I learned in a book that dogs don't always have wet noses.  Grandparent's Day is on Friday.  Balloon Days in this weekend.  I am proud that I ran faster and harder because I always jog.